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Learn how to grow the BEST perennials in your garden

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Grow the BEST Perennials for your Garden

A perennial by definition is a plant that continues to grow (and bloom) year after year without replanting. A herbaceous perennial is one that dies back to the ground each year but emerges as a new plant (in spring) and

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Weeds, Weeds and LESS Weeds

You are invited to attend workshops by The Green People on controlling weeds in your lawn, in your landscape, and in your garden

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Perennial of the Year: Switchgrass

Every year the Perennial Plant Association (PPA) names a perennial of the year that it believes should be planted more in our landscapes. These tend to be attractive perennials that are widely adapted and easy to grow. This year the

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Pansy Purple 3 2011

What can you plant in your garden?

There are many veggies, herbs, seeds, shrubs and trees that can easily be planted even though the weather is cool outside. Why not try some of these plants this weekend: Pansies/Violas These workhorses will bloom from now until late April

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