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Attracting and Feeding the Birds during the Winter Months

Winter is a great season for attracting birds, and attracting birds in the winter can be easier than any other season if you provide what the birds need to survive the coldest months and Evergreen has a large selection of Bird Feeders, Bird Food, Bird Baths, and Bird Bath Heaters. Not sure what to get, just ask any of the knowledgeable sales associates for help.

Bird Feeding Jan 2015

Cold temperatures, severe storms and scarce food supplies make winter the harshest season for wild birds, and bird mortality is high all winter long. Backyard birders who help meet birds’ needs during the winter will be rewarded with a diverse flock of winter visitors.

Providing a feeder and the best winter bird food is the easiest way to attract the backyard friends. Foods high in oil and fats such as Black Oil Sunflower, Suet, Peanuts and Nyjer will give birds adequate energy to survive even the worst winter.

Snow and ice may be frozen water and birds have no problem melting it to drink, but fresh, liquid water will readily attract many backyard birds in the winter. Add a heated bird bath to your yard to provide that water, and you’ll be surprised with many birds that wouldn’t normally stop at feeders. You can opt for a fully heated bird bath or add a heater attachment to your existing bird bath to keep the water fluid even in freezing temperatures. The bath should be kept fresh and clean to avoid spreading illness, and it should be properly filled so the heater does not malfunction.

Happy Birding!

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