7 Reasons Your Houseplant is Not Thriving

By January 11, 2017Featured Post

Join Jane and The Green People this Saturday at our Riverport Road location at 10AM to learn 7 reasons why your houseplants may not be thriving.

You might not have a garden so perhaps houseplants are your personal green oasis.   And even if you do have a garden, interior plants are a way of bringing the outdoors into our homes. They soften our environments & can freshen the air.

So, you want to grow a house plant? Maybe you received a beautiful orchid as gift from a friend, or your mother-in-law has given you her beloved snake plant to take care of while she spends the winter in Florida. You may even be interested in growing a plant in your home purely for your own enjoyment. Whatever the reason, you are having doubts about your ability to care for this plant properly, as your past record is less than stellar. Remember what happened to the last plant that you tried to grow?

7 Reasons Your Houseplant is Not Thriving

Have no fear! It is time to push those doubts out of your mind, and equip yourself with the information to create a thriving green oasis in your own home. A great house plant is not only beautiful and enjoyable, but also functional. House plants create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, yet are notoriously difficult for many people to maintain. Armed with a little bit of knowledge, presented in this article, anyone can enjoy a variety of houseplants for years to come.

It is time to dive into the nitty-gritty of why you may have failed in the past, and how you can be sure that your next experience growing an indoor plant is a positive one. We first need to establish a base of knowledge from which we will build upon going forward. All house plants are subject to five key variables that make up the indoor environment. These variables are temperature, humidity/water, air, light, and soil. Keeping these variables in check will ensure that your plant will remain happy and healthy long after you bring it home from the store. The following seven statements will deal with these variables, and how they pertain to house plant health.