Evergreen Videos

Spring Pruning

How to prune ornamental shrubs in your landscape

Controlling Weeds in Your Lawn, Garden and Landscape

Some weed seeds are easier to control by preventing the weed seeds from germinating, but others are controlled better while they are actively growing.

Composting Basics

Learn how to get started in composting in your backyard.

How did Henere fertilize his pansies in spring

See how Henere fertilized his pansies in early spring to get the blooming profusely.

Raised Bed Gardening

How to make a raised bed, tips on choosing the correct soil, and how to grow vegetables.

Spring Lawn Care

Learn what type of fertilizer to use in early spring, how to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from invading your lawn, and how to control pH to reduce moss.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Pruning is different in fall than in spring

Prune Knockout Roses in late Spring

Knockout roses should be pruned after the first bloom cycle (late May in our area).

Pruning Knockout Roses in late Fall

Prune Knockout roses in late November to manage plant size and create healthy roses for next summer.

Perennials in Your Garden

Perennials are plants that bloom each year without replanting. Find out the benefits of having a sun or shade perennial garden.

Spring Rose Care

How to energize your roses in early spring to make them bloom, to control insects and diseases, and when to prune.

Garden Herbs

Herbs can be grown in your garden, in raised beds and in containers.

How to Make a large Red Velvet bow

Watch how we make a large Red Velvet Bow for the holiday season

Vegetable Garden Basics

Learn what is needed to start a garden. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Spring Flower Trees

What are some great choices for flowering trees?

Evergreen Fruit Trees & other Small Fruits

How to grow, fertilize and prune fruit trees and other small fruits

White Grubs in Your Lawn

A white grub struggling to survive after applying insect control in a lawn.

Fall Shade Trees

A few suggestion on trees that will provide shade in the summer and great fall color.

Fall Pansies – 3 Seasons of Color

Pansies that are planted in fall will provide color for 3 seasons – well into late spriong.

Creative Pruning

Creative way to prune hardy banana trees and Spirea