BloomKote Controlled-Release Fertilizer

Great controlled release fertilizer for all containers, hanging baskets, and planters. Each prill contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and micro-nutrients for controlled growth. The controlled release technology in BloomKote fertilizer ensures consistency and precision release of nutrients.

BloomKote 16-18-14When BloomKote is applied to the soil, the water in the soil enters the granule through micropores which dissolves the nutrient elements. The nutrient elements will then be released steadily through the same pores.

What Affects Release?

BloomKote’s release rate is influenced by soil temperature, the higher the soil temperature, the greater the release rate. Absorption of nutrients and water by plants is generally increased with increasing temperature and plant growth will become more vigorous as a result. Nutrient supply through BloomKote nicely matches the physiology of plant response to temperature.

The release rate of BloomKote is not significantly influenced by soil moisture levels nor by soil type or pH. BloomKote does not depend upon microbiological decomposition for its action.