Making Babies in our greenhouses

Making Babies in our greenhouses

Getting tired of the cold! Come to the cozy warm greenhouse and learn how to make babies – that is – plant babies!

Propagating house plants is a rewarding experience. And the rewards of making leaf cuttings sprout or a stem cutting take root are even greater when you can share these free plants with friends and neighbors.

Some house plants are easier to propagate than others. And the best method depends on the type of plant. If you want to know what type of propagation works best for your plants come join the Green People at the Riverport Road location this Saturday, January 21st at 10am. This Make and Take is $25 per person.

This is by far one of our best Make and Take workshops of the year! We will share with you all the ways we expand our plant inventories, which plants are easy to propagate and which methods to use for the different plants. The best part is you get to come play in the dirt, pot up a bunch of babies and spend the morning with other “plant crazy” gardening friends. Bring your kids, bring you BFF, bring your mom! Come play with us in the greenhouse.

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