3 Seasons of Colors from Pansies

Of all the flowering plants in our landscape, fall blooming pansies provide the most economical color and most beautiful flowers of all choices for your gardens and containers.

You can call them fall pansies, winter pansies or spring pansies, but by any name they all bring color to your landscape.
What’s YOUR favorite? Huge Majestic Giants, pansies with painted faces or solid colors, dainty Johnny Jump-ups? They are all available today at either of my Evergreen H&G Showplace greenhouses.

Plant them now to enjoy loads of color even in the cold of winter. When you plant them in fall, you will enjoy color for 3 seasons; fall, winter and spring well into the month of May.
Ready to plant? When planting pansies add 1/3 organic matter, like Evergreen Planting Mix, to your existing soil. Whether you are planting pansies in beds or in containers, they need new soil to grow vigorously.
If planting them in your flower beds, fertilize them with H&G Showplace Flower Booster Formula to develop strong roots, to make the blooms brighter and larger, and to keep your plants healthy.
If you are planting in containers, fertilize them with our exclusive BloomKote Plant Food. It never burns the roots, even if the soil gets dry!
Nobody wants weeds, right? So if you want to keep weed seeds from growing in your beds, apply Weed & Grass Preventer after you have planted them, add 1″ of Pine Bark Soil Conditioner and water the plants well.
Call them fall pansies, winter pansies or spring pansies, but be sure to plant them now for up to 9 months of color.
Brightly colored pansies, fertilizers to make them grow, and lots of smiling faces, Evergreen H&G Showplace, Kingsport and Col Heights.