Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas

Bloom-A-Thon Azalea is a Proven Winner ColorChoice plant. These shrubs are born and bred for multiple seasons of interest of flowers, foliage, bark, seed heads or other attributes. Even better, the grower’s generosity has made these ornamental shrubs readily available to garden writers, so we can grow these woody plants and see first hand how they perform.

Twice as nice as other azaleas! Why settle for just a week or two of flowers when you can enjoy up to five months of blooms? Large flowers appear in April, then rebloom in early July, continuing through fall until hard frost. Even high summer temperatures don’t stop this beauty from producing loads of late summer and fall flowers. The evergreen foliage is disease resistant, and maintains excellent color year-round. Flowering lasts for 4-6 weeks in spring, and then another 12-16 weeks in summer and fall.

Varying in growth habit, this versatile new specimen is sure to find a special spot in any landscape design.  Grouped or in mass plantings, mixed borders, or as a specimen plant, Bloom-A-Thon is good for both foundation plantings and woodland gardens.  This variety of everblooming azalea can even be tailored for containers with a span of 2½ feet; larger shrubs reaching 4-5 feet work well as shade-loving blooming hedges with glossy evergreen texture.

I was fortunate to get some of these plants over a year ago when I visited Greenleaf Nurseries in Oklahoma. I planted them in my backyard with my Encore Azaleas. Now I gotta’ say, I like my Encore Azaleas, but the deep red color of Bloom-athon Red is much brighter and deeper than any shade of red in the Encore series and hardy in our East Tennessee landscapes. They bloomed last fall, again this spring, and they are currently blooming again in September.

Way to go Bloom-athon!