You don’t need to believe in fairies to have a fairy garden on your deck or patio – although it couldn’t hurt. Children and adults alike will delight in planting and caring for these miniature gardens brimming with charm and intrigue.

With a dose of creative spirit, a bit of abracadabra and a pinch of fairy dust, you can create your own magical miniature garden.

Fairy gardening is basically real gardening in miniature. Think: You are building a garden for a fairy to live in. Children tend to love them because they get to learn about nature and tap into their own creativity. And parents love them because they are projects the whole family can work on together. But not all people do it for the fairies. Garden-lovers with limited space or mobility can “garden” to their heart’s content — with no aching back at the end of the day!

Join the Green People this Saturday, June 10th at 10am at our Riverport Store and create your very own Fairy Garden. This workshop will include the pot, soil, fertilizer, 4 plants and a critter for $25. Our fairy garden accessories and fairies will be discounted to the workshop participants as well. Come learn how to let your imagination soar, mingle with your gardening friends – bring your kids, grandkids or your BFF and come play in the dirt. See you in the greenhouse!


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