Lawncare Programs

Evergreen’s 4 Step program is designed for gardener’s who want to have the greenest lawn in their neighborhood. It just take about an hour on 4 days throughout the year to apply each application.

Step 1 is applied from Feb 15 to Mar 15, feeds your lawn and controls crabgrass weed seeds BEFORE they germinate.

Step 2 is applied from Apr 15 to May 15, feeds your lawn and controls broadleaf weeds AFTER they germinate.

Step 3 is applied from Aug 15 to Oct 15, feeds your lawn.

Step 4 is applied from Nov 15 to Dec 15, feeds your lawn and prepares for winter.

Lawncare Programs are available for 5,000 sq ft and 10,000 sq ft lawns and can be started at any time.