We Deliver


Keep On Truckin’ with the Green People!

In our continuing effort to give you more than you’d expect, the Green People are pleased to announce the inauguration of our Home Delivery Program!

Think about it – you’ve just purchased a beautiful Japanese Redleaf Maple and 7 Nova Zembla rhododendrons from Evergreen H&G Showplace. Now, comes the problem – how in the heck are you gonna get them home? Unless your cousin Bubba lends you his pick-em-up truck, you’re going to have to try to cram them into your car’s trunk (or back seats). What a hassle, what a mess, what an unwanted chance to damage your hollies!

TA-DA!! Evergreen to the rescue with our We Deliver! Program. Just arrange for one of our spiffy new trucks (we bough FOUR just for this program) to deliver the hollies to your home and tell us when to be there. And get this – we’ll deliver anywhere in the Tri-Cities area from the store nearest you!

Yes, there is a charge for this service but remember the headaches and hassles you’re avoiding when you have us deliver your larger, cumbersome purchases to your home.

Now, more than ever, the best one-stop destination for ALL of your lawn, landscape and garden needs is the Home of The Original Green People – Evergreen H&G Showplace!